The norwegian artist Line S.Hvoslef lives and works in Bergen and in Steigen, Nordland, where she also runs an «Artist in residence».

Since completing her education at the Bergen National Academy of Fine Arts, painting has been her main medium. Hvoslefs works have been shown extensively in Norway and abroad, in solo and group exhibits. She has done several large public works, and is represented in both private and public collections.

In her paintings, she is seeking a visually fantasizing language where she combines organic and mechanical elements to explore the undefinable meeting of nature and technology. Her images therefore reside somewhere between the realistic and the abstract. Though not chiefly definable as surreal, here works do evoke surreal moods and atmospheres.

«We are presented with a surreal landscape where strange and slightly disturbing structures and patterns erode into the background landscape which is gradually dissolved and broken down, thus undermining the concept of place as constant.»
– Hilde Marie Pedersen

Hvoslef's paintings are built in thin layers, starting in acrylic with a stream-of-consciousness-like approach, continuing with transparent oil, and finishing with markers. In addition to painting, Line S. Hvoslef has also worked extensively with large scale sound installations and video productions in cooperation with musicians and composers.

She is currently preparing several solo exhibits in addition to an international collaboration with composer Mansoor Hosseini and the vocal ensemble Volve Vocal, where she is in charge of video and scenography. First performance is scheduled at Ackerstadt palast, Berlin, September 2020.

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